About Sugar Freedom

Mithas Zindgi Ki ( Sweetness of Life )

Sweetener India / JJD Enterprises is the Largest Single Window Sweetener Co. of India since year 2009 & is Exclusive and only partner in India associated with Worlds Largest Sweetener companies such as JK Sucralose Inc. , Hyet Sweet France , Aoxing Stevia etc for Raw Material and Technical Support . We also hold 74% market share for sucralose and other sweeteners in India and thus Sweetener India / JJD Enterprises has become the most trusted Brand in India for Sweeteners.

Sugar Freedom is the new generation ZERO CALORIE Sugar Substitute made for First Time in India in convenient Pocket friendly and customer friendly Spray packaging .

Sugar Freedom is the registered brand of JJD Enterprises and has been developed with extensinve and intensive research on the product with keeping the Customer needs in mind .

Now Break up with Sugar is possible Kahin bhi .. Kabhi bhi.. with just One one Spray . You can put the product conveniently in pocket , purse or laptop bag without worry of buldge or spilage or clutter …. and can use in your Coffee, TEA , Lassi , kheer , Dahi , with same taste of Sugar but without guilt of Sugar Calories ..

Sugar Freedom® is New Generation ZERO CALORIE Sugar Substitute /Table Top Sweetener in Convenient Customer friendly Spray packaging for the first time in India .

Sugar Freedom® – Sprayvia

Sugar Freedom® Sprayvia is made with STEVIOL GLYCOSIDE *( Commonly known as Stevia ) . Stevia is a plant which is naturally sweet. Stevia sweetness is LOW GI and is found diabetic fit and ZERO Calorie .

Sugar Freedom®– Sprayvia contains the best Stevia of the world with 97% purity .*Steviol glycoside *(Stevia extract ) is approved by WHO / FDA / FSSAI to use in table top sweetener / Sugar Substitute as SAFE.
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Sugar Freedom® – Sweet Spray

Sugar Freedom® Sweet Spray is made with Sucralose . Sucralose is known as the best and SAFE Sweetener in World . its made with Sugar so the taste of Sucralose is just like sugar . but it do not have calories .
Sucralose is approved by WHO / FSSAI / WHO.
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Sugar Freedom® is Table Top Sweetener / Sugar substitute .

Sugar Freedom® Sweet Spary and Sprayvia are used as Sugar Substitute and can be used to Replace Sugar in the daily use such as : TEA / Coffee / Lassi/Curd /kheer / halva etc… any time anywhere

Sucralose and Steviol Glycoside is approved in 150 countries including INDIA .by WHO /FDA to be used as SAFE General purpose Sugar Substitute to be used as Table Top Sweetener.

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