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Is Sugar Freedom durable & Safe?

Yes Sugar Freedom is Durable and Safe . its made with Stevia *(Steviol Glycoside ) which is Natural Zero Calorie Sugar Substitute and Sucralose . The Stevia and Sucralose are well approved by WHO/FDA / FSSAI as general purpose sweetener and to be used in Table Top Sweetener .

Are Sugar Freedom Products all Indian Made & Approved by India?

Yes , Sugar Freedom is 100% Made in India . We have exclusive Association for India with JK Sucralose, Aoxing Stevia & HYET Sweet France for Raw material and technical inputs. Sugar Freedom is approved in India by FSSAI.

How does the Cost of Sugar Freedom compare to other brands?

The Cost of Sugar Freedom Spray  is Much lesser than the Powder and Sachets available in market ..  one spoon of Sugar Sweetness of Powder costs aprox INR 1/- whereas Sugar Freedom Spray costs around INR  0.50/- per serving ..

How long can I keep Sugar Freedom products?

The Expiry of Sugar Freedom is for Two years from the date of Manufacturing.
Hence you can keep the product with you for two years without any loss of sweetness.

Can I buy Sugar Freedom outside the India?

Yes ..soon Sugar Freedom Spray will be available in Neighbouring countries and in Europe as well…

Is there any limit to how many times in a day anyone can use Sugar Freedom?

While over consumption of any food item or ingredient can prove to me harmful, you can replace your daily intake of sugar with Sugar Freedom

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