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Sugar Freedom® – Sweet Spray

Sugar Freedom® Sweet Spray is made with Sucralose . Sucralose is known as the best and SAFE Sweetener in World. Its made with Sugar so the taste of Sucralose is just like sugar . but it do not have calories .
Sucralose is approved by WHO / FSSAI / WHO.

True Health caring ??

Sugar Freedom® – Sweet Spray is known as TRUE Sugar Substitute as it contains No DEXTROSE / MELTODEXTRIN / LACTOSE / FILLER ???

The PowderS / Sachet’S or Tablet’S widely available in Market contains Dextrose / Maltodextrin or Glucose used as Filler ??
These Fillers amounts equal calories such as Sugar i.e 4 Kcal / gms.
And also elevate the Blood sugar Level . These fillers are not best Suited for Diabetics / Health Conscious as they contribute Equal amounts OF Sugar in terms of “EMPTY CALORIES” to the USER .

One Spray = One Spoon Sugar Sweetness :
Sugar Freedom® – Sweet Spray One Spray equals to One Table spoon Sugar Sweetness.
One Bottle of Sweet Spray = 250 + Sprays or say is equals to 1 kgs + Sugar Sweetness.


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