Do you have a sugar tooth? Is it bad to love sugar? The simple answer is YES. Consuming a high quantity of sugar or even carbohydrates that convert into sugar can have adverse effects on one’s health. Too much sugar leads to a lot of health problems such as obesity, tooth decay, diabetes etc. Apart from this high intake of sugar also have an impact on brain health.
There are various food products that are the main source of added sugar such as drinks, candy, bread, tomato, protein bars, sweetened dairy etc. Even processed food makes up a large proportion of daily calories intake. At the end of the day, sugar is sugar and it has a lot of adverse effects on your health from head to toe.
Intake of high amounts of Sugar can have many negative impacts on one’s health. Below are some of the bad effects of sugar:

  • Impacts on Mood: The dose of high sugar can give you a high rush of energy by raising your blood sugar levels. And the levels drop instantly on absorbing the entire intake. Beyond some level, it impacts one’s mood and for some, it may lead to depression.
  • Body Weight Gain: Obesity is an increasing issue due to the rates at which it is rising. Consuming various forms of sugar increases your hunger and as a result, is the main reason for body weight gain. This is also a root cause for many other health issues like diabetes and heart disease.
  • Sexual Health: Studies have shown that one of the most common side effects of chronically high levels of sugar in the bloodstream is that it can make men impotent. This is because it affects the circulatory system which controls the blood flow throughout your body and which needs to be worked on properly to keep and get an erection.
  • Risk of Acne: What you eat is what your skin radiates. So beware of the food intake to own healthy and glowing skin. A diet with a high quantity of sugar or carbohydrates is associated with a higher risk of developing acne. Sugary foods increase the blood sugar levels causing oil production and inflammation. It is suggested to avoid diets high in sugar or with processed food.
  • Drains your energy: As mentioned above food with sugar is a good source of instant energy. But this rise in energy is fleeting as they lack in protein, fat or fiber. Hence, the source of energy is for a very brief period of time. So, the levels drop at the same pace too. This fluctuation in the energy can be proved dangerous for the health. Have a balance in your diet to maintain the energy levels in your body.
  • Health Issues: Teeth; Joints; Fatty Liver; Heart; Pancreas; Kidney: Apart from all the above mentioned risks there are some other health issues. High sugar levels have negative impacts on health like increase kidney diseases, impact on dental health, joint pain. It also has impacts on organ such as fatty liver, heart diseases, pancreas, kidney etc. So, keep the sugar levels intact and be healthy.

It has already been described above the effects of sugar intake on your body, it is genuinely hard to leave such habit of consuming the sweet dishes and items as you love and craving for them whenever you have glance of it. A sugar substitute is always helpful in curbing such health hazards as they have same sweetness of sugar with zero calories.
It can also be used in preparing sweet dishes and other items at home without any health hazards. You don’t need to hover over the market streets to search for the best substitute of sugar, just grab a pack of SUGAR FREEDOM SPRAY and you will never miss out your crave of sugary items and dishes. Sugar free is not in Sachet 0r Tablet, its’s in “SPRAY” first time in India by SUGAR FREEDOM

Most Noteworthy, excess of anything is bad. So too much sugar is bad for health, hence keep an eye on the sugar levels.

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