Studies show that a high intake of sugar has various harmful effects on one’s body and health. Excess of the same can lead to diseases like diabetes, obesity; it may also have an adverse effect of heart, liver and other body parts.

India as a country is on top of the list with maximum diabetes cases, and this does not sound like good news. Hence, it is suggested to reduce your sugar intake to control the adverse effects. Or replace sugar totally with its substitutes.
A sugar substitute is a food additive that provides a sweet taste, but is zero in calorie. Does this not sound Magical! Most noteworthy, you can enjoy your favourite dessert or beverage with sweetness but NO Sugar.

Sugar Freedom has come up with a unique idea, first ever in India to replace sugar. But without the hassle of carrying the substitute powder, sachet, tablets etc. It comes in form of a pocket and health friendly packet, as a Spray.

Sugar free is now available in the form of “Spray” first time in India. So you do not have to sacrifice on your flavour or comfort both. This is also a good choice for fitness freak; just carry Sugar Free Spray with you anywhere and everywhere (Kahin Bhi – Kabhi Bhi…)
It comes in 2 variants: Sweet Spray and Sprayvia

  • Sweet Spray: This is made of Sucralose which is the highest used form of sugar around the world. It is still 400 times sweeter than sugar with no side effects.
  • Sprayvia: It consists of absolutely No calories and is totally natural. Made up of Stevia, which is another sugar substitute with no side effects.

Sugar Freedom does not contain any filler like Dextrose, Maltodextrin or Lactose. The product is best for diabetic patients, or even for people conscious about their health. One spray of Sugar Freedom is equivalent to 1 spoon of sugar.

It is low on cost as compared to other sugar substitutes available in the market, without any wastage. There is no hassle of carrying it around and just spray it into your food or drinks.
Sugar freedom sweet spray and Sprayvia give you complete freedom from sugar with same sweetness and taste. So why should you compromise on taste to be healthy.

It is totally travel and user friendly, give it a shot and enjoy every moment of your life without Sugar and Calories with Our Sugar Free Spray!
Also, Sugar Freedom is Fssai, FDA and WHO approved. Therefore, break up with sugar and lead a healthy life.

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